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Eng.Ashraf Eid

Our goals

Maintaining and constantly striving to achieve the highest quality of our products, development and continuous search for everything new and advanced to meet the needs of the markets and our customers.

Our vision

All of this made us pioneers in the manufacture of plastic packaging molds, especially molded packaging, by supporting a variety of consumer goods and industrial products known for their outstanding quality and high purity raw materials. We believe in outstanding work through innovative manufacturing techniques.

We offer the best products with the finest materials, the best quality and the best competitive prices for our customers. We strive to be the preferred choice for our customers through the quality and exquisite design, providing technical support through engineers and technicians specialized in the manufacture, design and maintenance of molds under the supervision of Eng. Ashraf Eid.

Our existing policy is to satisfy the customer by supplying high-quality and high-durability products, adhering to the required implementation period and finishing work according to the principles of the industry in addition to the ability to manufacture molds according to local and international specifications.

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